We close loops through sustainable and hybrid agro-systems


Our goal is to achieve true sustainability through innovation!

With the help of our S4S Terra and S4S Fluid products and the MoRoCycling® process, we form hybrid agro-systems to create a natural cycle.

We are committed to consider the interaction with the environment in our actions in order to prevent negative impacts on our planet as well as all living beings.

The mission of Solution4Soil AG is to deal with agriculture and horticulture. Together, we want to change agriculture for the better in a climate-friendly way, in harmony with the demands of society. The combination of innovation and efficient use of resources is our top priority.

Thanks to our high level of innovation and the extensive network of our partner companies, we are able to meet new requirements quickly and in a targeted manner.

All of this results in sustainable agriculture that makes a positive contribution to climate protection, securing the world’s food supply and protecting our environment.


Sustainability, climate protection and finite resources are the central issues of our time.

The ESG criteria and the quality policy are commitments by a company to genuine, sustainable action – both ecological, ethical and moral.

What are ESGs?


Employees / People
  • Respect for human rights
  • Establishment of our own companies with our partners to ensure that human rights are also respected internationally
  • Creating value at the point of origin and thus supporting local people through the use of our technology
  • Respect for religious freedom and personal orientation in life
Safety, Health & Food Security
  • Refrain from the use of harmful substances
  • Creation of vital foundations (healthy soils and clean water).
  • Ensuring food security
  • Declaration by the business partners to uphold and respect the objectives of Solution4Soil AG and its affiliated companies
  • Improvement of yields and management practices


Greenhouse gas emission savings
  • Reduction of emissions resulting from the storage of slurry
  • Greatly reduced emissions when spreading the products produced
  • Reduction or substitution of synthetic mineral fertilizers
  • Humus build-up has a positive effect on climate change
  • Creating more resilient soils against climate extremes
  • Use of efficient techniques for minimal energy use in production
  • Liquid phase is prepared as liquid fertilizer
  • Reduction of the water demand
  • Nitrate input into groundwater is minimized
  • Water protection from eutrophication
  • No accumulation of environmentally relevant waste water
  • Increase biodiversity and soil life through habitat enhancements.
  • Promotion of native crops
  • Changes in fertilizer strategy to improve our soils.
  • Expansion of habitats and food bases for bees, insects, birds, wildlife.

Corporate Governance

Corporate governance, ethics and policies
  • Zero tolerance for corruption
  • Evaluation of the own findings by an own scientific Advisory Board
  • Compliance – adherence to all legal rules and standards as well as imposition of own standards beyond the necessary level
  • Promotion of individual development regardless of origin and gender