Under the keyword cooperation, we understand the possibility, whether as a farmer or a company, to enter into a lasting partnership with us in order to jointly establish the MoRoCycling® process developed by us.


Climate partner farmer

Via humus build-up with S4S Terra we store CO2 in the soil!


By using S4S Terra on the fields, the use of artificial fertilizers can be completely eliminated. This counteracts humus depletion and at the same time keeps the farmer’s yields stable. Soil becomes more resilient to extreme climate events, which is becoming more important as climate change continues. The concrete emission savings are measured via soil samples and are therefore 100% traceable.


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Raw material supplier

With high quality standards, we help farmers achieve greater animal welfare.

We see the farmer as a partner. Together, we develop a strategy that leads to higher animal welfare on farms. By using the MoRoCycling® process, up to 80% of greenhouse gas emissions in livestock farming can be saved. The odor load of the animal husbandry can thus be reduced considerably.

Farms with a nutrient surplus are not only helped, they can turn their problem into a solution to many current, including societal, problems. The aim is to move towards hybrid and thus more environmentally compatible agriculture.

End user

Everyone can use S4S Terra instead of artificial fertilizers and contribute to climate protection!


Can purchase CO2 certificates and start climate projects with us.

Horticulture and gardening

Through the use of S4S Terra, in addition to the positive properties for soil and environment in the fruit and vegetable sector, even an intensification of taste can be achieved!


Fish slurry can also be upcycled with the MoRoCycling® process!