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By obtaining the manufacturing process, we have direct influence on quality and sustainability of the products. To assure our high-quality standard we are a DIN ISO 9001 certified company.

The fertilizer can be produced according to customers nutrient content requirements.

The entire process is carried out in compliance with all applicable regional laws and standards.

S4S Terra

Organic-mineral fertilizer with an immensely high organic mass content and an optimal C/N ratio.

S4S Fluid

A light mineral NK fertilizer that can also be used for crop fertilization through downstream processes.

CO2 certificates

The consistently implemented sustainability concept in MoRoCycling® enables us to generateCO2 certificates.

S4S Terra

S4S Terra is an organic-mineral fertilizer with an immensely high organic matter content and an optimal C/N ratio of about 10:1. It is created as one of the two end products from our MoRoCyling® process.

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As the natural additives used bind a large proportion of pathogens and toxins S4S Terra can be used without prior hygienization. Furthermore, S4S terra even has excellent phytosanitary properties. These are particularly suitable for use in arable farming, grassland management, but also in horticulture7landscaping or for use in home gardens.

Due to its high organic content S4S Terra is a perfect planting substrate and can be used as a peat-substitute.

In combination S4S Terra and S4S Fluid can replace artificial fertilizer completely.

On the fields our products support the soil by pushing an enzymatic reaction which makes soil bound phosphorus available for the plants. This leads to a relief of the soils – one of our most valuable resources. We minimize nitrate leaking into the groundwater while maintaining high nutrient availability to plants.

The unique binding of phosphorus and nitrogen in S4S Terra results in nitrification, or nitrate input to the groundwater body, being minimized while maintaining high nutrient availability to plants.


S4S Terra has many uses, e.g. as a fertilizer for agriculture or in gardening and landscaping. In addition, the product can be finished in various ways to cover different applications.

Solid with approx. 35% dry matter

Solid with approx. 90% dry matter




Gardening and landscaping

Amateur gardener

Golf courses

S4S Fluid

S4S Fluid is a liquid, light mineral NK fertilizer. This is created during our MoRoCyling® process. An additional process can be used to increase the NK content so that S4S Fluid can also be used for cultan fertilization.

This product is currently under development.


S4S Fluid is a mineral NK liquid fertilizer without synthetic additives and can therefore be described as biological. One of its main advantages is the immediate availability of nutrients for plants.

After the MoRoCycling the salt content of the treated material is divided in two halves. One remains in S4S Fluid and the other half is separated into S4S Terra. Our optimal combined fertilizer strategy leads to the desalination of the soils.

S4S Fluid comes liquid with a dry matter content < 2%. It can be easily applied using conventional techniques. There is no need to invest in new special technologies or to train employees.


S4S Fluid has many uses, e.g. as a fertilizer for agriculture or in gardening and landscaping.

Agriculture (fertilizers)

Gardening and landscaping

Amateur gardener

5 actions

The MoRoPlant® system helps farmers implement the Food and Agriculture Organization ‘s (FAO) recommended 5 actions to stop salinization.

Link to FAO

Soil helps combat and adapt to climate change

Basis for healthy food production

Essential for food security

Hosts a quarter of the planet’s biodiversity

Stores and filters water

Positive effects of MoRoPlant®

Production of a high-quality, organic substance with a high humus content

No problems with salinization during sprinkler irrigation

Production of a high quality water for irrigation of the fields

Increase of the humus content of the soils

Natural increase in yield

CO2 certificates

CO2 emission savings. We transfered trhe positive impact of MoRoPlant® into tradable CO2 certificates. To guarantee the high quality, e.g. transparent document control or traceability of work processes, the foundation is set by the successful DIN ISO 9001 certification.

ISO 9001:2015 certificate


We have chosen the verification of our certificates according to the DIN ISO 14064, because it is the only measurement-based calculation. We provide complete transparency in the creation of our tradable certificates. Our CO2-emission reduction is based on validated measurements. The certificates are tracked in our monitored database so that double-counting can be avoided.

We support regional climate protection and environmental projects and give companies the opportunity to have a direct positive impact at their location. This increases the visibility of everyone’s involvement in our collaboration and makes the project more tangible.

This gives our certificates a unique selling point and a strong basis to ensure 100% transparency.

Step 1

The situation is recorded by an initial measurement.

Step 2

Documentation and preparation of a climate report.

Step 3

Second measurement to determine the change.

Step 4

Data analysis and calculation of CO2 savings.

Step 5

Results are securely stored in a database.

Step 6

External verification and validation of the data.

Step 7

Certificate creation and its clear identification.

Step 8

Issuance of CO2 certificates to partner companies.