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What we do

Together with our partners, we – Solution4Soil AG, generate with our MoRoPlant® system and MoRoCycling® process two biological fertilizers that actively contribute to the protection of our livelihoods soil, air and water.

Our two products, due to their properties, contribute to the improvement of our soils and allow growth to resume in locations where food production can currently no longer take place. In addition, we enable and maintain value creation where our MoRoCycling® process is used! Thus, small-structured areas are also protected.

In this way, we can help regions become more resilient to extreme weather events. We achieve this by indirectly protecting groundwater and promoting the fertility of our soils. The resulting improved soil quality increases the ability to absorb and store water.

Due to these characteristics, we effectively contribute to securing food production in a socially responsible agriculture.

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In addition, Solution4Soil AG was one of the first companies in the agricultural industry to be certified in accordance with ISO 14064-2 for the “Soil Climate Protection Project”. as one of the first companies in the agricultural industry, through a proven sequestration (storage) of CO2 in the soil, the possibility of CO2-certificates.

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S4S Terra and S4S Fluid

We upcycle manure from agriculture into a unique, carbon-neutral fertilizer for your plants that stores more CO2 than it uses in its production.


Innovative process for upcycling slurry into higher value products.


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Provides us with diverse and nutritious foods

Helps plants and animals adapt to climate change

Increasing the resilience of farms

Improves soil fertility, water quality and health of our ecosystem

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